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Help & Info about Freemake Video Converter for windows

  • What is Freemake Video Converter?

    This software bundle is your one-stop-shop if you have been looking to enjoy a superior level of flexibility when converting videos from one format to another. It is also able to work with multiple devices; a notable benefit.
  • Is Freemake Video Converter safe to install?

    Like all of the other bundles offered through Softonic, this video converter has been rigorously tested to make absolutely certain that it is free from all types of spyware, malware and viruses.
  • How much memory will Freemake Video Converter need?

    Those who are dealing with only a limited amount of memory space will be surprised to learn that the total allocation of this package is only 1.87 megabytes. Therefore, performance issues should not present problem with the majority of operating systems.
  • What types of files are supported by Freemake Video Converter?

    One of the major advantages associated with this conversion software is that it is able to support well over 500 different formats and codecs. Some of these options include MP4, MP3, AVI and WMV. It is therefore a rather universal package.
  • How do I install Freemake Video Converter?

    The first step is to click the green "Free Download" link found on the appropriate Softonic page. A small EXE fill will thereafter be installed. This bundle will then enable you to download the converter itself. You can choose the final hard drive destination in order to enjoy quick access when required.
  • Is Freemake Video Converter free to download?

    As the title already suggests, there are no charges or fees associated with this download. This has been the case for more than eight years and it is therefore easy to understand why Freemake is such a popular option. Can I download clips from online sources with Freemake Video Converter
  • What devices will work in conjunction with Freemake Video Converter?

    This package is extremely universal in regards to compatible devices. It functions with both Mac and Windows operating systems. In addition, Freemake can be used with Android devices, iOS phones, Sony PlayStation and Xbox. Please view the technical details to access a comprehensive list of supported mobile phone manufacturers.
  • Does Freemake Video Converter support high-definition formats?

    Not only will this package convert media files into a multitude of formats, but it is capable of handling demanding requirements such as UHD and 4K resolutions. Please note that the process itself will not result in a degradation of audio or visual quality.
  • Can I edit my media with Freemake Video Converter?

    Users can also enjoy a handful of basic (and yet extremely helpful) editing tools. These include rotating videos up to 180 degrees, joining different clips to form a continuous stream, modifying the output size of a specific file and removing artefacts such as black bars (often present within film recordings).


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